What is Be Wedding Wise?

Nowadays when you want to book anything you generally do your research online by reading reviews. You want to book a holiday; you read online hotel reviews. You want to book a restaurant; you read online restaurant reviews. You want to book suppliers for one of the most important days of your life; you want to read reviews!
Be Wedding Wise is a free service where anyone planning a wedding can go to search for reputable, trustworthy wedding suppliers. You can read first hand reviews from past clients of the suppliers, allowing you to make smart decisions on which supplier to approach. You can access all of the suppliers contact details, giving you the freedom to contact whoever you want, whenever you want!

Aren’t there similar sites to this, why should I use Be Wedding Wise?

No matter what style of wedding you want, or whether you need venues or Viennese waltz lessons, we have personally verified suppliers who have been used before and have past clients who would hand on heart recommend them. Be Wedding Wise only accept wedding suppliers as members once they have received a minimum of two verified customer reviews; we are the only site in the UK insisting upon this strict verification process.

How do I know a supplier is genuine and trustworthy?

Be Wedding Wise personally verify the first two reviews that are submitted for each and every supplier . A supplier can’t become a permanent member without these two verified reviews. Be Wedding Wise then continue to randomly verify their future reviews to ensure credibility and give our guests full peace of mind.

Do suppliers have control over the reviews that they receive?

No. A business has no control over the reviews it gets. That’s up to you, and all our guests. A supplier can post a comment on any review they receive but cannot alter the review content.

How do I contact a supplier to make an enquiry?

Via the contact form on their profile page or directly using the link to their website or phone number but there are no obligations to use them.

How do I leave a review for a supplier?

It’s simple. Click on the ‘leave a review’ button on the homepage or go directly to the suppliers profile page.

What if I have a bad experience?

We sincerely hope that won’t happen, and we do everything we can to prevent it but, if that’s the case, we want to know about it. We need reviews to be open and honest to make sure our Be Wedding Wise community get the right advice from people in the know.